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Leaves don't rustle! Water doesn't trickle! Grasses stop to move! Even the wind pauses to hold its breath and watch the drama unfold! Then all of a sudden the Jungle springs to life! Langurs groan. Branches of trees begin to swing under their springing jumps. Fleeting hooves rustle the grass. Heavy bodies splash the water. Spotted Deers let out the alarm call. Let it be known - the King is here - "Hail, the King!" Lesser creatures flee. The King sweeps a gaze over his Kingdom. Period. Utter silence. The show begins.

Welcome to Pench National Park

While at Khawasa a small little village on the Nagpur Jabalpur National Highway 7, you will see a board that says Pench National Park 12kms, take this metalloid road thru the beautiful teak forest. You will pass a couple of small village on the way. Finally you reach Village Avarghani, directions to Pench are clear, and you move towards the Turia gate, which is about 1.5kms from this village. Get into an open Jeep, and after your formalities at the gate enter the Park. YOU WILL BE HIT.

This park is different. Located in the AVSM (Aravali, Vindhyanchal, Satpura and Maikal Ranges) belt, this teak forest is a different and a pleasant surprise to the normal and scenic parks of Kanha and Bandhavgarh. The tracks are smoother, the trees are thicker with dense undergrowth, perhaps one reason why the herbivore population here is more larger in size compared to Kanha and Bandhavgarh. There is a distinct silence here. You feel you are the King, when suddenly your driver halts seeing the Pugmarks of the actual King of the area. A Tiger has just crossed, he shows them to you, and suddenly an alarm call from one of the denizens of the forest. You, your driver, your naturalist are all alert. Looking in the direction of the call, eye balls much bigger than usual, heart pounding at 120 beats a minute. Ears as big as of an Elephant, you want to see the true King of Pench. The drama, unfolds, and you are in Pench, the true and original Kipling Country.


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Dear Sharad
As promised, our thoughts on our trip :
Travelling with two young children in India for the first time we were delighted to see so much wildlife and enjoy such a wonderful experience during our two weeks. Our itinerary was so well organised as to make the whole trip unforgettable. The efficiency, consideration and friendliness of the Nature Safari and Tiger Den staff, especially, made us feel that we were amongst friends and made the wonderful experience of seeing tigers in the wild all the more enjoyable. I would recommend a similar trip to anyone, without reservation and will definately be booking through Nature Safari again. It is great to know you can trust someone to organise things exactly the way you want, especailly when travelling as a family.
All the very best

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