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Leaves don't rustle! Water doesn't trickle! Grasses stop to move! Even the wind pauses to hold its breath and watch the drama unfold! Then all of a sudden the Jungle springs to life! Langurs groan. Branches of trees begin to swing under their springing jumps. Fleeting hooves rustle the grass. Heavy bodies splash the water. Spotted Deers let out the alarm call. Let it be known - the King is here - "Hail, the King!" Lesser creatures flee. The King sweeps a gaze over his Kingdom. Period. Utter silence. The show begins.

Tathastu Resort

About Tathastu Resort,
God said…. "TATHASTU"… "granted as you desire"… and an ambitious dream came true! It all started with a personal retirement plan that quickly grew into a mad passion to create a multi-specialty world-class destination. We believe that our 15 acres property is now POWER PACKED…. yet… it is ‘YOU’ who has to experience and decide!
‘Pench National Park’ is spread over 785 sq. km. It was awarded the ‘Best Maintained Park Award’ in 2011 and attracts tourists from all over the world. It's close proximity to Nagpur, just 90 km on NH7, gives it an advantage in terms of logistics & services. Wildlife population, especially that of Tiger has grown encouragingly. Our park is a paradise for ‘bird watchers’ with 285 species. It also boasts of 45 Butterfly, 33 Mammal, 1200 Plant and 13 Reptile species. ‘Turia Gate’ (main entry), ‘Rukkhad Gate’ (new area-35 km away) and ‘Sillari Gate’ (30 km away) on the Maharashtra side of Pench National Park provide 3 good options for jungle safari.
At ‘Tathastu’ it is our goal… to provide great options for the mind, body and soul !! Choose out of many options for relaxation, luxury, gourmet food, activity, sport, adventure, art, music, culture, knowledge, excursion etc. Our upscale & well equipped accommodation options include Villas,Tree House, Caves and Tents each with its own USP. VILLAS provide ultimate privacy and space, feeling of ownership, flexibility of time, dedicated cook & staff and personalized food. The TREE HOUSE is for the adventurous. It is an experience to enter its trunk from a well camouflaged door and climb it's spiral staircase to reach a very cozy tree room with a rewarding view. The CAVE ROOM is a luxurious experience of primitive living inside rocks. Its washroom is the highlight with a waterfall for a shower. The TENTS, an all-time-favourite with wild lifers will be installed shortly.


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