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Leaves don't rustle! Water doesn't trickle! Grasses stop to move! Even the wind pauses to hold its breath and watch the drama unfold! Then all of a sudden the Jungle springs to life! Langurs groan. Branches of trees begin to swing under their springing jumps. Fleeting hooves rustle the grass. Heavy bodies splash the water. Spotted Deers let out the alarm call. Let it be known - the King is here - "Hail, the King!" Lesser creatures flee. The King sweeps a gaze over his Kingdom. Period. Utter silence. The show begins.

Flora in Pench National Park

Teak and its associates Moyan,
(Madhuca indica)

(Schrebera swieteniodes)


(Diospyros melanoxylon)


Achar (lanzin)

(Cleistanthus collinus)





(Cassia fistula)



(Chloraxylon Swietania)

(Butea monosperma)

Bamboo occurs Sparsely, restricted to some valleys.

Wildflowers :

S.No Family / Name Scientific Name
I Ranunculaceae
1 Deccan Clematis
Clematis triloba
II Malvaceae
2 Lesser White Mallow
Hibiscus hirtus
3 Common Purple Mallow
Urenia Lobata
4 Common Sida
Sida acuta
III Oxalidaceae
5 Little Tree Plant
Biophytum Sensitivum
IV Fabaceae (Papilionaceae)
6 Common Rattle Pod
Crotalaria Rretusa
7 Silky Indigo
Indigofera astragalinea
V Caesalpiniaceae
8 Feather-leaved Cassia
Cassia mimosioides
9 Pot Cassia
Cassia tora
VI Mimosaceae
10 Touch-Me Not
Mimosa pudica
VII Cucurbitaceae
11 Madras Pea Pumpkin
Mukia maderaspatena
12 Common Fringe-Flowered Vine
Trichosanthes cucumerina
VIII Composite
13 Goat Weed
Ageratum Conyzioides
14 American Softhead
Lagascea mollis
15 Marsh Daisy
Eclipta Prostate(=alba)
16 Graham's Groundsel
Senecio Grahami
IX IXConvolvulaceae
17 Little Glory
Evolvus alsinioides
18 Hedge Glory
Ipomea camea
19 Blue Dawn Glory
Ipomea nil
20 Greater Glory
Ipomea mauritiana
21 Tiger's Paw Glory
Ipomea pes-tigridis
22 Red Star Glory
Ipomea hederifolia
X Solanaceae
23 Little Gooseberry
Physalis minima
24 Yellow-berried Nightshade
Solanum surattense
XI Pedaliaceae
25 Devil's Claw
Martynia annua
XII Acanthaceae
26 Wayside Tuberose
Ruella tuberosa
XIII Verbenaceae
27 Common Lantana
Lantana Camara
28 Jamaican Bluespike
Stachytarpheta Jamaicensis
XIV Labitaceae
29 Indian Catmint
Anisomeles Indica (=ovale)
30 Common Leucas
Leucas aspera
31 Wild Tulsi
Occimum vulgare
32 Lion's Ear
Leonotis nepetiifolia

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