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Leaves don't rustle! Water doesn't trickle! Grasses stop to move! Even the wind pauses to hold its breath and watch the drama unfold! Then all of a sudden the Jungle springs to life! Langurs groan. Branches of trees begin to swing under their springing jumps. Fleeting hooves rustle the grass. Heavy bodies splash the water. Spotted Deers let out the alarm call. Let it be known - the King is here - "Hail, the King!" Lesser creatures flee. The King sweeps a gaze over his Kingdom. Period. Utter silence. The show begins.

Accommodation in Pench

"Without knowing it, we utilize hundreds of products each day that owe their origin to wild animals and plants. Indeed our welfare is intimately tied up with the welfare of wildlife. Well may conservationists proclaim that by saving the lives of wild species, we may be saving our own."
- Norman Myers, A Wealth of Wild Species, 1983

So right is Norman Myers when he put forth this quote. Only when there is complete devastation we humans realize the value of wildlife and the advantages it has on human life. To fulfill this mission of conserving wildlife and the creatures of Mother Nature, there are national parks and conservationists making all efforts to save the precious wilderness.

This is considered to be heaven for all the animal lovers. Amidst this wilderness there are camps that accommodate the visitors to this national park. The Pench Jungle Camp is a good place to stay and provides canvas tents One would find all the facilities in the camp. It is the right place for all the bird lovers, as it has more than 270 species of birds that can be spotted.

When it comes to the food that you are served, you can expect the best. There is variety and the mouth-watering dishes only make you desire for more.

Tathastu Resort
God said…. "TATHASTU"… "granted as you desire"… and an ambitious dream came true! It all started with a personal retirement plan that quickly grew into a mad passion to create a multi-specialty world-class destination. We believe that our 15 acres property is now POWER PACKED…. yet… it is ‘YOU’ who has to experience and decide!

‘Pench National Park’ is spread over 785 sq. km. It was awarded the ‘Best Maintained Park Award’ in 2011 and attracts tourists from all over the world. It's close proximity to Nagpur, just 90 km on NH7, gives it an advantage in terms of logistics & services. Wildlife population, especially that of Tiger has grown encouragingly. Our park is a paradise for ‘bird watchers’ with 285 species. It also boasts of 45 Butterfly, 33 Mammal, 1200 Plant and 13 Reptile species. ‘Turia Gate’ (main entry), ‘Rukkhad Gate’ (new area-35 km away) and ‘Sillari Gate’ (30 km away) on the Maharashtra side of Pench National Park provide 3 good options for jungle safari.

Bagh Van Lodge
The other accommodation facility is Bagh Van Lodge located just five minutes away from the entrance of the Pench National Park. Well-appointed cottages, amidst the forest surroundings. Dining hall overlooking the forest. You can have a breakfast appointment with a Tiger if you are lucky. Lot of other mammals also move closely while you are at The Bagh Van in Pench National park. Professionally managed, good food, good naturalits, good vehicles, well, there isn’t anything more any other Jungle Lodge can give you. Undoubetedly the best place in Pench to stay and rejoice is Bagh Van.

The nearest railhead is Seoni, which is only 30 kms away from Pench National Park. Nagpur is only 92 kms and a two-hour drive from Pench. Nagpur is very well connected and one can reach Nagpur either by air or train from Delhi, Mumbai and other places in India. Pench is 190 kms from Jabalpur station.

If you want to catch sight of tigers and other wildlife that you have planned for, then make your visit to the park during the summer months, as this is the time the animals come out in search of waterholes. Winters months maybe may seem like the most appropriate time but it is very difficult to view much wildlife during this season. The Pench National Park is open to visitors from early November to end June each year and closed during the rainy season (July- October).

"Once you have heard the lark, known the swish of feet through hill-top grass and smelt the earth made ready for the seed, you are never again going to be fully happy about the cities and towns that man carries like a crippling weight upon his back."

- Gwyn Thomas

Like Gywn Thomas says one can never be happy in those cities after seeing the beauty of wildlife. So to be happy one needs to discover the beauty we welcome you to this beautiful world of creatures.

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