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Leaves don't rustle! Water doesn't trickle! Grasses stop to move! Even the wind pauses to hold its breath and watch the drama unfold! Then all of a sudden the Jungle springs to life! Langurs groan. Branches of trees begin to swing under their springing jumps. Fleeting hooves rustle the grass. Heavy bodies splash the water. Spotted Deers let out the alarm call. Let it be known - the King is here - "Hail, the King!" Lesser creatures flee. The King sweeps a gaze over his Kingdom. Period. Utter silence. The show begins.

How to Reach Pench National Park

By Air:- Airport - Sonegaon Airport, Nagpur (92 kms. from the Park)
Nagpur is the nearest airport connected to Delhi & Mumbai and other places by regular flights. Jabalpur (192 kms.) also serves as a convenient airhead with regular flights from Delhi.

Destination Flight No. Time
Dep. Arr.
Delhi to Nagpur CD 7469 0555 hrs. 0720 hrs.
Nagpur to Delhi CD 7470 1010 hrs. 1135 hrs.
Mumbai To Nagpur IC 7429 0545 hrs. 0700 hrs.
Nagpur to Mumbai IC 7430 0740 hrs. 0855 hrs.

By Rail:- Nagpur (92 kms.) is the nearest railway station connected to Delhi & Mumbai and other places in the region by regular trains. Jabalpur (192 kms.) also serves as a convenient railhead connected to Delhi and other parts of the country. Numerous Rajdhani Express Trains from Delhi conveniently connect to Nagpur like, the Delhi- Chennai, Delhi- Bangalore & Delhi- Bilaspur trains.

Destination Name Time
Dep. Arr.
Delhi (Nizamuddin) to Nagpur 2406/2410 / Gondwana Exp. 1430 hrs. 0810 hrs.
2430 / Banglore Rajdhani Exp. 2050 hrs. 1017 hrs.
Nagpur to Delhi 2405/2409 / Gondwana Exp. 1300 hrs. 0720 hrs.
2429 / Banglore Rajdhani Exp. 1510 hrs. 0505 hrs.
Mumbai To Nagpur 1439 / Sewagram Exp. 1510 hrs. 0720 hrs.
2105 / Vidarbha Exp. 1935 hrs. 1040 hrs.
Nagpur to Mumbai 1440 / Sewagram Exp. 1500 hrs. 0545 hrs.
2106 / Vidrabha Exp. 2020 hrs. 1215 hrs.

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